Selling a ready to fly Droidworx Skyjib X4 Titanium, 3 axis gimbal, batteries, and charger

Jun 22, 2015
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Hello all, I am selling my larger UAV, a Droidworx Skyjib X4 Titanium.

Designed and built to carry heavy cameras such as the Red Epic it was supplied ready to fly and was built by professionals (not me in my shed!) We originally tested it with the AV200 servo gimbal with reasonable results but planned to use it with a brushless gimbal once they became available.

We purchased the BeSteady One brushless gimbal specifically to fly with the Skyjib X4, and got as far as mounting it on the UAV but we didn’t get as far as flight testing as, for the uses we put the drones to, our smaller UAV has proved to be adequate.

Consequently, it has barely been flown – which is the main reason for selling it. It did have a heavy landing during its pre-flight test testing when one of the original ESCs failed. This resulted in damage to the legs. Consequently, we had all the ESCs replaced, again by a professional. However, we repaired the legs as they had already been extended to accommodate larger cameras. The repair is perfectly functional and the machine subsequently passed its flight test and remains in its licensed state.

Preferably selling as a complete ready to fly package, including UAV, brushless gimbal, batteries and charger. But also willing to break into three lots.

The reason for sale is simply down to the fact that the aerial work we do can all be completed with smaller cameras so we have no need to keep it – or maintain the insurance and licensing.

1. Droidworx Skyjib X4 package as listed - £3,000
2. All batteries and charger (Barely used with few charging cycles) - £1,400
3. BeSteady One brushless gimbal - £750

Or all for £5,000.

Complete Ready To Fly system

Droidworx Skyjib X4 Titanium Heavy Retractable
Retractable legs
Virtually new ESCs
New Carbon fiber props – including 2 spare props
Navigation LED's
DX8 remote – with telemetry (no altitude)
Large Custom Flight Case with cut interior – extra storage for flight manuals and remote controls. Retractable legs in the lid means it converts into useful table.


· Engine type – Electric brushless motor
· Number of engines – 8
· Engine size – MT3515
· DJI Wookong M Flight Controller
· GPS unit - DJI Naza
· Controller - Spektrum DX8
· Receiver - Spektrum AR8000
· Control frequency – 2.Ghz
· PC based system
· Ground control software – DJI Wookong M control software

Batteries & Charger

8 GensAce 10,000mah 6S and 2 8000mah 6S – Hard case storage
Revolectrix, Powerlab 8 charging system - Hard case storage

3 Axis Stabilized brushless gimbal

BeSteady One
5 batteries
Graupner remote for second operator
Flight case

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