Drone Worship Has Enterd The Ring

Sep 22, 2019
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Tampa, FL
Lol wow it has been an absolute blast searching myself on these groups to see what people have been talking about and I have to say most of it has been positive.

For those of you that don't know I have always tried to set up to help people and find intuitive Minds to further the progression of the solo and its future by taking on some of the bigger problems that needed to be addressed.

I am not a professional I am not a guru I am a hobbyist having fun and enjoying myself and sharing my information as I go as well as my conclusions and apologizing when necessary if I get something wrong we are all human and we all make mistakes.

Some of you I get along with some of you I don't some people deserve a shout out whether they like me or not and I will give that to those people because they deserve it Matt Lawrence your work with the solo has been absolutely amazing and despite your feelings towards me I encourage you to do what you do best and keep helping everyone. Kelly Schrock you have been an amazing part of the solo effort just like Matt and you're always willing to hear people out if they would like a change made to the solex app or problem that needs to be solved internally you are quick on the draw sir so thank you.

John Brotherton despite how we feel about each other and I don't think that's going to change because I'm pretty set in my ways I still have to give you credit for the 3dr solo printable case for the battery mod it is absolutely fantastic work on your part sir I congratulate you on such a good design.

I'm here to have fun answer the questions that I can and continue pushing the boundaries of the solo just like all of you I am not here to prove myself to anyone I'm not here to make a fool of myself I am here for the love of the solo and its future if you are down with that then you're down with me 👍

And remember guys the OEM solo batteries are failing you can try to convince yourself that they are not but they are definitely failing quickly constant emails in YouTube comments daily on my Channel about people's drones falling out of the sky it's time to really consider doing the battery mod if you haven't already just food for thought.

I look forward to my next post I have some questions that will need to be answered with the help of everyone willing to step up to the plate.


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