Dawn of the Aerial Age!

Jun 13, 2015
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I just realized who are the monkey pilots of the Dawn of the Aerial Age teaser video 3DR released back in April!! Come on, you can guess it! Look closely at one of the stills from the teaser:2015-10-10_9-21-39.jpg

The Solo has no gimbal! One monkey has a navigation protractor triangle trying to figure out how to face north so in a few months when his gimbal arrives he can initialize it properly. The other monkey is in a world of hurt with GPS and Wifi connection issues and on the bottom you can see the Solo (and 3DR's customer support) doing a flawless, 3DR patented "FlyAway." And what's with that big zero below the GPS challenged monkey? I swear one of those symbols looks like the top secret leg extensions for the Solo because the gimbal drags on the ground.

Those of us who bought the Solo are the monkey pilots! We can't say we weren't warned. All the signs were there from the beginning!

Mass jackassery I tell you!

I'll go drown my sorrows with my trusty X8+ and Q500 4K. Remember when 3DR could make stuff that worked, like the Iris, Y6, X8? Ah the golden years!

Someone please make what the Solo should have been I really don't want to give DJI my money for the Inspire 1, but with prices coming down I won't be able to resist much longer.

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