Battery quick discharge

Jan 16, 2018
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My drone is still new (one week), at the fourth time to fly it, the battery suddenly dropped to -2% while flying it and wanted to return home, I thought there is no time, so I quickly switched to manual mode and landed in place, when I went back to charge it, the meter on the battery was 5 leds (it was still having a lot charge when reported -2%)

Since that day, the battery is not flying the drone for more than 4 continuos minutes at the best scenario (usually 2-2.5 min), but I was struggling to wake it up with no luck!

I feel that the battery itself is healthy, but receives miss leading readings from the internal meters, because it happened one more time that it reported 20% then went again to 70% after clicking the power several times while it's disconnected.
But even that day, it worked 2.5min (when it was fully charged), then another 2min after refreshing it!

My last trial to recover it was yesterday, I kept the drone turned on over night until the battery went to 0, I thought that may refresh the meters when recharging! But unfortunately it seems make it worest... the battery charged from zero to 100% very fast (one hour), and that didn't fly the drone for more than 1min40sec!

Should I assume this a damaged battery and send it back to the reseller? Or do you think it needs some sort of calibration or whatever?
No calibration needed- likely was bad to begin with, but discharging to 0 will also damage it. Most people use 10% as a minimum.

I would return it if you can.

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