1. E

    Slow Yaw Rate

    I'm new to the Solo, I just couldn't pass up the $299 BB deal since I like my Pixhawk ships so much. But I'm having trouble flying it in any "fun" mode. Acro is almost impossible because the yaw rate is so slow it's completely un-coordinated with the other much faster controls. I almost crashed...
  2. D

    Orbit Shot Orientation

    Hey there, Soloers/ites/rians(?)! I'm wondering if this is possible with the Orbit feature but I haven't been able to get this to work the way I'm attempting. Is there any way to rotate the Solo so that it's facing **away** from the orbit center point. I have a client with a very large piece of...
  3. Ed Beck

    Tower and Yaw

    Does anyone KNOW how the Yaw parameter in Tower works? I've just spent the afternoon flying in squares setting the yaw parameter to different settings and I have no clue how it's figuring out which way to point the nose. I brought my little notepad and took lots of notes, and have no idea how...