1. Todd Prince


    Email me for all your 3dr parts needs .x8 Iris y6.. LEDs to kits.. bought the whole lot from 3dr!! [email protected]
  2. F

    Stock Setup Parameters

    Hi all, does anyone have the stock setup parameters that the X8 Plus came with from 3DR?? I screwed up mine totally now nothing works on the drone. Looking forward to some help; thanks. PD
  3. G

    what the heck is this?

    Microcontroller by Glen Larsen posted Aug 24, 2016 at 5:02 PMHey x8r's, could someone tell me what this thing is. One of mine on the x8+ got fried by Venom Battery's 13000mAh. If I could name the item I may be able to find a replacement. Cheers
  4. J

    X8+ programing for 9XR PRO radio

    Does anyone have the settings for an 9XR PRO transmitter (w/ latest firmware) with DJT module to fly an DIY X8+? I basically built a 3DR X8+ from the frame up with parts bought from 3DR. I attempted to gather info for programming radio via 3DR but was disappointed with the tech support help...