X8+ programing for 9XR PRO radio

Sep 26, 2015
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Does anyone have the settings for an 9XR PRO transmitter (w/ latest firmware) with DJT module to fly an DIY X8+?
I basically built a 3DR X8+ from the frame up with parts bought from 3DR.
I attempted to gather info for programming radio via 3DR but was disappointed with the tech support help.
What I have is:
PixHawk & 3DR GPS (on tall mast)with MP copter 3.3.3 firmware.
PixHawk i2c splitter.
X8 frame.
8ea Iris+ motors.
8ea 11" propellers
3DR 20amp ESCs.
APM power module to PixHawk.
An Octocopter PDB.
An FrSky D8R-II Plus flashed w/ the latest D8R-XP firmware w/ 27ms frame rate.
DJT module w/ latest firmware w/ the 27ms frame rate.
3DR shipped Tarott 2d GoPro camera gimbals.
3DR Version 2 telemetry radios.
Turnigy 10,000 4s battery.
A Turnigy 9XR PRO transmitter w/ OpenTX 2.1 newest firmware flashed (the DJT module installed and bound to D8R-XP) and Turnigy specific battery.
And misc. voyage regulators, wiring, ect.

.......and I think that is about it. Oh and this to install.

I also have in front of me:
A Bluetooth board ready to be pluged into transmitter.
A DIY wire harness for DJT to FUTABA port to transmit telemetry data (2K7 & 4K7 resistors are "in the mail").
A 3DR FPV kit not set up yet (I intend to add a fixed FPV camera to the top of X8).
A fpv second 1.8 battery.
A FrSky voltage sensor not installed yet.
A MBotix? sonar sensor (I have never properly installed it). Planning to get a optical flow sensor w/ sonar soon.

I think that is all the hardware I have on it?
So this UAV's story is---->
Was born a Iris+ but was eager to grow after about 40 flying missions without a crash.
Successfully installed ? firmware completely untuned useful 3DR settings.
With the help of 3DR tech support
never could eliminate extreme yaw drift to the right....
Decided to upgrade to the X8 thinking it would be a quick easy job. Hahaha
And about a year later and muitible part purchases, sadly, I still do not have it up and flying. I did have one attempt with the Iris+ receiver w/o the 27ms firmware. That ended in disaster because it flew up in a arch 15' right onto it's top! A new set of blades, RX, TX, and hours & hours of research later I believe I'm ready for the final settings that are appropriate for these components. I'm pretty versed on searching for individual info on specific parts but have been having a hard time finalizing firmwares and integrating new components or special setting to get everything to jive properly. Mostly needing the settings for the 9XR PRO 1st so I can get it at least hovering.
ANY help or advice would be extremely appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time!
I built up a Y6 kit I got during 3DR's legacy system liquidation last year. Pixhawk powered, and controlled via Taranis. Both the Taranis and 9XR running open TX, the same ideas should apply.

Anyway, I found this video pretty useful:
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This gentleman does a series of Pixhawk videos, all very informative. If the video doesn't answer all of your questions, the Open TX University links he provides should be helpful as well.
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