1. Robert Rose

    Decoding METAR

    If you are studying for the UAG test and would like to get familiar with weather reporting such as METARS, you need to pick up a glossary and just give a little practice to decoding. It really is easy with a little practice, although it seems daunting at first. I recommend starting with...
  2. Robert Ritzenthaler

    Battery Life

    Flew my 3dr solo today with outside temperatures at 23˚F (-5˚C). Used two batteries, each battery only lasted 10 minutes. Don't think I want to fly in weather that cold again. During the second battery the gimbal was sagging a little but then corrected itself. Wondering if it was because I...
  3. Han Solo

    Flying in snow

    I know flying solo in the rain and drizzle is a bad idea, but what about while it is actually snowing? I would think wet snow us as bad as rain, but what about a dry snow? Am I crazy to want to do this?