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  1. C

    Controling the drone and video feed in computer

    Hello I am trying to control the drone with MAVlink commands and have video feed at the same time the issue is that when my computer connects to tje drone and begins sending the MAVlink commands the video feed stops or gets really glitchy does anyone knows how to make the two tings work together
  2. jbrosolo

    Video feed black/not appearing on phone

    I've been using my 3DR solo for the better part of a year without any issue. After a recent crash where some props broke, but no visible damage otherwise, I can't seem to get my video feed to appear on my phone. It will sometimes flash green for half a second, then goes to black. I've tried...
  3. Ed Beck

    No Video Feed - Out of Ideas`

    I took my gimbal off to add a weight into the plastic cover (for balance) and when putting the gimbal back together a screw fell into the solo. I retrieved it and I only mention it because it's the only different thing that's happened. Yesterday, before the gimbal thing, it was fine. This...
  4. R

    Unable to get HDMI feed from Controller to Goggles

    I am trying to route the video feed from the Solo Controller, through the micro HDMI port to the input port on a pair of Tovsto Vivid FPV googles. I can't get anything on the goggles. I have tried two different solo controllers, and two different cables, but, still nothing. Does something need...
  5. Xavier Arthur

    3DR Solo Tutorial/ Learning Style Videos

    This space is dedicated for anyone who wishes to share & watch Solo videos that teach people more about the Solo 3DR Drone :) About Xavier: I am a Instructor/ Teacher by profession. I love my family & Flying Drones. So I make Drone & Tech videos, vlog style with my family. 3DR Solo is one of...
  6. B

    Black screen with gimbal / video feed when directly connected

    Let me clarify. I don't have a direct video feed while using the gimbal. I've taken it apart and made sure it was snug, tried different boot up combinations, changed the firmware on the GoPro the whole nine yards... when I took the gimbal off and plugged it in directly to the GoPro... BAM I SAW...
  7. M

    Video Feed Resolution

    Let me start by saying I am NOT asking about the what I record on the GoPro's SD card - that is fine... However I have noticed that the video cached on my android and the apparent resolution on the screen during flying is not usually 720p. 80% of the time it is more like 480p. There is a pretty...
  8. S

    No Video Feed On Solo Gimbal

    Hello, first off i would like to say i know that there are a lot of threads already on this topic and have read through dozens of them and tried everything that ive came across with no luck. That being said please DON'T recommend trying any common easy fixes like restarting, checking the cable...
  9. S

    Tower Live Video Feed Missing

    Hello! Recently I installed Tower ver. 4.0 on both of my Android devices (Android ver. 4.1.2 and 4.0.4). Till then I used 3DR Solo App on my IPhone 6, IOS 10.0.2, which is still working fine. Unfortunately I could not get a live video feed on Tower on both Android devices. I have checked the...
  10. Maddog

    Update problems

    After the update to 1.3, my Solo has been flying better and smoother. BUT- the wifi feed from the GoPro to my iPad mini has become terrible. It breaks up and lags badly even at short distances of 200-300 ft. Sometimes the video won't record to the iPad at all. The video straight from the GoPro...
  11. Chip Luck

    Intermittant Live Video Feed - Post 1.2.0 Update - Help!

    I have exhausted all troubleshooting for the live video feed problem on my Solo with GoPro Silver. All seemed to occur after the last 1.2.0 software update. The video works on the ground, but as soon as I Fly, the video starts to get intermittent. On my tablet, I see half screens, top/bottom...
  12. mike

    Perfect Video UNTIL Takeoff then rolling and scrambled.

    I have an odd problem and haven't had any luck finding anything about it online. Everything connects and starts up normally. I see the video feed in the app and I can press record on on the controller and stop the recording and the video is still perfect. As soon as I takeoff, the video...
  13. I

    last update caused gopro feed to stop and gimbal to not stabilize

    Uploaded on Sep 23, 2015 Latest update as of 9-23-2015 and firmware update on gopro Everything was working fine last weekend and after update I couldn't get gopro to work w/out firmware update - after update Gopro won't broadcast and gimbal wont' stabilize I was able to shoot this the...