video assist

  1. B

    Go Pro video feed quality.

    Hi guys, Just got myself a Solo 3DR. Flies great. I do not have the GoPro gimbal. I’ve wanted to know if their is something I’m missing or what, but my problem is, when I save the video feed of the app, it is not great quality during play back. If I hit record in the GoPro, I lose the live...
  2. Xavier Arthur

    3DR Solo Tutorial/ Learning Style Videos

    This space is dedicated for anyone who wishes to share & watch Solo videos that teach people more about the Solo 3DR Drone :) About Xavier: I am a Instructor/ Teacher by profession. I love my family & Flying Drones. So I make Drone & Tech videos, vlog style with my family. 3DR Solo is one of...
  3. L

    SD error on GoPro black 4 when flying solo

    i am finally comfortable flying my solo but it is very upsetting that I haven't been able to record anything since I got the GoPro 4, keeps giving me a SD error and I have tried already reset the GoPro, and reformat the SD card. Has anyone experience this? Any advice? Thank you all!
  4. Steve S.

    Unable to get video feed from controller to BM Video Assist via HDMI

    I am unable to get a video signal out of the controllers HDMI port into my Blackmagic Video Assist. I did test the cable by plugging it into my LCD TV and it works fine. Just can't get a picture on the Video Assist when I plug it in. Anybody else try this with any luck?