1. R

    Best Case for 3DR Solo?

    What you're using? How you like it? Enough space included for...?? redjr
  2. R

    New to Solo, just went to Germany and took it with me (Video)

    Hey guys, So I got a 3DR Solo a couple months ago and have been flying it every chance I got. When my wife got a work opportunity in Germany for a few weeks and wanted me to meet her over there I decided I should look into taking my drone and so I though I'd share my experience here. It was...
  3. M

    Has anyone brought their Solo on a plane with the original box?

    Hey guys! I'm flying out today to Florida and I really want to know if anyone had any issues bringing their 3DR solo with the original box(case) on an airplane. We are flying with American Airlines and I do not want the drone to get rejected. I just got this drone and I was going to fly it in...
  4. Travelfox

    The White Dove of the Desert: Arizona's Misión San Xavier Del Bac

    Definitely enjoyed maneuvering through those two towers! :) Would've rather done a voice over instead of the simplified text but too busy. Hope you enjoy anyway.
  5. Travelfox

    A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova Scotia

    Hello, I thought I'd share some videos with you guys here in our forums starting with this one. It's not current (not shot/produced in the last 2 months at least) but I hope you enjoy the short vid nevertheless. Published on Jan 2, 2017. A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova...
  6. A

    Flying to Ecuador soon and have questions

    Hi all, I've just read this post: Traveling with Solo and have some additional questions but didn't want to hijack the thread. I'm flying to Ecuador in about a week and was wondering if I would be able to take my Solo on the flight (Aeromexico through Mexico City to Quito). I'd read somewhere...
  7. C

    Ideas for charging batteries while on long road trip?

    I am planning on driving for 7 straight days in a campervan in Iceland. I have a 3DR solo and 5 batteries but I am certain I will need to have all 5 charged each day because there is something amazing in Iceland every 10 feet. I am driving a minivan with standard power options. Aside from...
  8. Asosa86

    Traveling with Solo

    Really quick question. Traveling out to Detroit and Canada next week. Thinking about bringing the solo with just in case I stumble upon any photographic possibilities. All I have is the solo backpack so I would like to carry on with it. Does anyone know if drones are allowed to be carried on...