1. FinniKris

    Skateboarding from Above

    I’m posting only 7 days after the first 3DR Solo video with… yes…you guessed it, another one! Thank you for your support and for viewing the last one :) I’ve taken from comments and suggestions and I believe this one is even better. Faster cuts, more action, syncing with the music, and a...
  2. FinniKris

    Compilation of my first 10 flights with Solo

    Hello 3DR Pilots! My first video post on the forum is this compilation of clips from my first ten flights with Solo. Comments are of course welcome and I hope you all enjoy. Some nice fall scenery here in Toronto.
  3. C

    Toronto Flyers - advice needed

    Toronto has a number of airports and a shortage of wide open, and empty space that are safe to fly in. I have a car and don't mind driving. suggestions of sites within an hour of downtown that are good for drone flying?