1. IrishmanPDX

    My findings on GPS SHTUFF....

    OK, so I've been limited in my flight time here in the PNW, but I did manage to get a few test flights in with several different GPS modules. Clear sky, sunny day, 12 midday flights. Please note that the drones were turned on for about 10 minutes, left sitting at the launch area, turned off...
  2. Roger Caplan

    motor pod testbench?

    I'd like to take a motor pod out of a solo and control it directly (i.e. wired up on a testbench). What are the options for controlling a motor pod (ignoring the LEDs) without a solo mainboard?
  3. Mauiwind

    3DR repair accountability

    There doesn't seem to be a system at 3DR where repairs and replacements are tested and signed off on before shipping back to the customer. I myself received a refurb replacement that was faulty. No one had checked it out. No testing, no burn in, no actual person who signs off on the quality...