tarot gimbal

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    Help on gimbal

    I got a tarot 3D T-3DIV, alex mos 3 axis storM32 and a GPH5 session. Just trying to see if anyone can help me with instructions on how to get this working on 3DR solo. Thanks in advanced.
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    How to Tarot T2-2D Gimbal on Solo

    Hi of all, I am new with Solo. Some days ago I bought a Solo. I have Tarot T2-2D 2 axis Gimbal: TAROT T2-2D 2 AXIS GIMBAL TL2D01 - FLYING MODEL AIRPLANE I need some help how to connect gimbal to use transmiter tilt controls. I read Solo gimbal data cable specification...
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    Iris+ 915 newbie question

    Hello. i am newbie and iris+ is my first personal drone but ive been flying with my classmate's RTF drone. So here is it. I bought an iris+ for 500$ is it much for an iris+ 915 today? it doesnt include a gimbal and camera in the 500$. next question, what is the best gimbal for iris+ a 2d or...
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    3DR Tarot gimbal on Solo

    hey all, New to the forum and new to the 3DR. Couldn’t pass it up brand new with out the gimbal for $100 w/ free shipping. Not new to drones however as I have a Yuneec Typhoon. I was wondering if I could rig a Tarot T-2D gimbal to the Solo? The solo gimbals seem to be a few hundred bucks at...
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    3DR DIY Quad 10 mins flight time lots of extras

    3DR DIY Quad w/Pixhawk. I bought two Phantom 3 Pros while building this. I flew it a couple of times briefly. Not a scratch. I have 5 unused batteries, Tarot 2D gimbal for GoPro, GoPro 4 Black (barely used with 2 batteries and ALL the accessory attachments), 5.8 GHz FPV air end, Futaba Rx. All...