1. I

    Nexus 7 (2013 - 2nd Gen) 16GB - Mint - $100

    Selling my Nexus 7. I used it with my Solo for awhile, but I just upgraded to a Nvidia Shield K1. The Nexus is in great condition, no scratches or scuffs. It has always had a screen protector installed, and has no scratches on the screen (or protector) at all. It includes the factory micro-USB...
  2. L

    3dr Solo With GoPro Hero 3 White And Galaxy Tab A Bundle

    condition used details Items show damage and have wear 3dr solo has crack on the front but still function l perfectly, charger for batter has broken tab GoPro hero 3 white has missing batter cap, has been painted and cannot charge (cones with batteries kit) EBAY listing : 3dr Solo With GoPro...
  3. D

    Solex Follow/Remote need new tablet advise

    I am trying to get my Samsung Tab E (Freebie from T-Mobile a few months ago) to do follow/remote on Solex. I tried Bluetooth tethering to get Data from my phone. Solex will connect to my Solo, but I loose the video feed, and if I recall the rest of Solo info, but it will get past the splash...
  4. Y

    solo battery as a USB power source

    Hi, Could we use the Solo batteries as a USB power source? This is a though I had in the long plane to vacation, when the battery of my tablet died, whereas I had all this unusable power in the batteries of my solo drone were fully charged and could have been used? Could we use a DIY module...
  5. E

    Solo controller mobile holder

    The swivel tightening ring broke, I guess I adjusted it too tight. Any 3rd party replacements? It seems that the ball is 20mm or 0.78", and the tightening ring is 30mm in diameter. Found 17mm and 22mm rings online but no luck for this one so far.
  6. S

    Best tablet?

    Looking into getting a tablet, photo and video quality are nothing to be impressed with on my phone (iphone 5). Whats the best tablet for both in flight footage and editing video/photos later??
  7. Joris

    Tablet shows scaled video image - only when recording

    Today I finally installed my gimbal. Had it from the day I got my Solo, but flew a few hours first before, just to get a bit confident. The issue with the scaled video feed was there before I installed the gimbal. But now I can start/stop recording from the app or controller, I see the video...
  8. SteveReno

    3DR tablet Screen Hood "For most Tablets"

    Looks like the Mobile Hood. 3DR Tablet Screen Hood - 3DRobotics Inc
  9. RolandS888

    Android Tablet Options / suggestions

    I want to use something a little bigger than my phone and Im looking for suggestions or recommendations on which to use. What works well, what doesnt, what fits what doesnt, what to avoid?
  10. N

    Best tablet for Solo

    I was looking at getting the: Samsung - Galaxy Tab A - 9.7" - 16GB - With Pen - Smoky Titanium Model: SM-P550NZAAXAR SKU: 6192105 from BestBuy. Price point is nice, also has a stylus pen which is a plus. I was told it does not have embedded GPS, but when going online it says GPS with GLONASS...