1. tracer

    The sun returns after Irma's remnants move on..

    Irma's remnants finally rolled out of central KY today after days of gloom and rain (lucky that's all we got!). I figured the sunset would be phenomenal, and it did not disappoint! Golden sunset by tracer posted Sep 14, 2017 at 11:10 PM Golden light on golf course by tracer posted Sep 14, 2017...
  2. Giffen23

    First flight at sunset in Nassau, Bahamas

    Before anyone says anything...yes, I have the official paperwork to fly here. Would love to hear any ideas people have for videos while I'm here (until July). Cheers, Luke
  3. Bamboo Farmer

    Space Station Sunset - Appelton, WI

    Spent some time working in Appelton, WI and couldn't help myself when I saw this most interesting building. Truth be told, it's not a space ship, it's Thrivent Financial's headquarters building, but one can dream...right?
  4. Andrew McCuaig

    Sunset thread - everyone contribute!

    Thought I would post some blue / golden hours sunset photos as they're my favorite because of the colors. Whoever wants to add to the thread is more than welcome!