1. M

    Video Feed Resolution

    Let me start by saying I am NOT asking about the what I record on the GoPro's SD card - that is fine... However I have noticed that the video cached on my android and the apparent resolution on the screen during flying is not usually 720p. 80% of the time it is more like 480p. There is a pretty...
  2. F

    Streaming to device with problem

    Hello everyone. I'm a 3DR newb, I've been really interested in a 3dr solo for a couple of years. I'm having issues getting the video to show up on my Iphone. Ive got a 3 axis gimble and a gopro hero 4 Silver V3.0. Controller and Solo are running V 2.4.2. please someone help!!!
  3. Ricky Bercegeay

    Streaming video glitches

    my video stream on my phone goes to glitch omg and sometimes freezes up during flight and it does it really bad when full throttle is applied and when I turn around and stuff. I'm using GoPro hero 3+ black and it's set at 2.7k/30 fps (recommended settings). Can someone maybe tell me what I need...