spare parts

  1. K

    3DR Solo Spare parts Kits

    Hello, For those how need spare parts for their Solo, i got a lot of 3DR original & brand new spare parts. They are sold as spare kits. Each kit include all the following parts : - 4* landing leg + grey grommets - 4* motors - including plastic pods & bare ESC PCB (without electronic components)...
  2. S


    Now that 3DRobotics is effectively "tits-up" and parts are no longer available through 3DR or even at third-party outlets like Best Buy, we need a forum for locating parts and components for our Solo. There may be as many as 100,000 units in public use and there is/will be a great need for the...
  3. kuro-ka-yamato

    purchased my first Solo.....or two

    Hello. A few weeks ago I purchased my first quad/Solo during the BB $299 sale. I've been wanting one for awhile but 1. I couldn't justify spending $700+, 2. Was living overseas for the past few years and couldn't fly them in the city, and 3. car and m/c parts are a higher priority for my 'me'...
  4. Unmanned Technology

    Solo spare parts

    I need a replacement GoPro cable for a Solo. What is the source and availability?
  5. Han Solo

    Wanted: Spare LED Dome

    My last crash apparently posed off one of the LED domes that cover the lights on Solo. Does anyone know where I can get replacements? If you have a dead Solo, I would be willing to get those domes off your hands.