solo gopro video

  1. webchimp

    Been using a GoPro Hero 3 it's dead

    Hi all - I've been poking around and looking for any others that might have had the same issue as me, but hadn't come across anything so far. I haven't spent hours pouring over threads, so forgive me if this is a known issue. I've had my Solo since the BF sale at BestBuy and I've flown it...
  2. Griffin Umbrella Co

    Flying Solo Around Washington

    We are new to 3DR Pilots and have just discovered this Photos and Videos section so we figured we would post a few of our videos. EDIT 4/27/2016: We just figured we would update this post with some new content! We love our Solo and have named her Cinderella! To see updates on our progress...
  3. A

    Line or Waves in the Video

    Wondering what the waves of lines are in the video I took today. Appears to have something to do with wind but not certain. They show when I'm flying only in certain directions and clears up in others. You can see them in the beginning until I pan to the right. Prop wash or wind noise or...
  4. K

    Not sure what this is?

    Tried out my brand new Hero 4 Black and got these odd lines in the video.