solo drone

  1. Yolan

    SD ERR - Pinpointing the problem

    Hi All, Hope you're doing well. Anybody that experienced the 'SD ERR' while flying the Solo Drone with a GoPro? I'm flying the Solo with a gimbal, a GoPro Hero Black 4 with Sandisk Extreme 32GB microSD. Tried 4 different SD cards, but the complication seems to happen when i'm flying Solo...
  2. safak tarazan

    Smart phone direct connection to Solo

    Hello guys, For my master thesis and interest, I am planning to place smart phone on the Solo. Basically, I want to connect this phone directly to Solo not through the Solo controller. The phone will get the commands from GCS over the GSM and forward these commands to Solo drone. In this...
  3. Morenos Studios

    3DR SOLO Drone w/LED Spot Light

    This is my 3DR Solo Drone with a LED spotlight mount I made! It flies great check it out! Here's the flight footage!