solo crash

  1. Rex Barlow

    i need someone to read data from my solo

    hi i need someone to tell me what happen to my solo went crazy and crashed for no reason.. please tell me what cause it crashed... please help me understand what cause.. thank u
  2. reelcrazyfish

    Solo Loss of power and crash with .bin file video, and MP Screenshots. Cause?

    Was using the Solo to capture some aerial footage of a wedding venue. Solo appeared to be working fine until it suddenly began losing altitude and I had zero control of the copter. In the video you can hear a faint noise just before the copter veers left and begins to descend rapidly. I...
  3. SteveReno

    Solo CRASH

    I guess the ROAD got in the way? Dropbox - Solo Crash.mp4
  4. Morongobill

    Gone, Solo, gone? Found it!

    Or why I really need to find a sunshade for my Solo Controller. Went back out to Palm Springs, the windmill area off I-10 and Hwy 111, to try to do another windmill and train video. Unfortunately there wasn't enough wind to film the windmills and a freight train amazingly showed up just a few...
  5. D

    solo pod inop

    Ok I have a new solo. After a few test flights I wanted to do a test of how long it would take to drain the battery but made the mistake of taking off too close to my building. A gust of wind hit as it was passing a stone pillar and it pushed it right into it (yes i know noob mistake on my...
  6. Chip Luck

    My Solo Crashed HARD = Always keep an eye on that battery level, period!

    Well... My Solo crashed, HARD. Solo will have to go back to the factory. Lost complete battery power at 0% at altitude and Solo flipped upside down and came spiraling down and landed legs up in a grass parking lot just behind a friends pickup truck. Impact ejected the GoPro and landed about 30...
  7. Chip Luck

    Low Level Solo Flyaway's/Crashes : now 7 times, anyone else?

    I have had 7 total low level flyaway's as of the last flight a few days ago. First, let me state I have had NO 'high' altitude flyaway's, ever. Seems to occur a a low altitude around 10 feet or so, and always around the home position. Flight mode is in default GPS mode, no smart shot modes...