1. J

    How do you link Smart Shots together seamlessly?

    Hi All, I'm new to Solo and am trying to understand how to link Smart Shots together, e.g., How to go from Orbit to Selfie and Vice-Versa seamlessly...or any of the Smart modes into an awaiting Smart Shot that's already setup. Thanks JS
  2. franknitty69

    Experimental Smart Shot #1 Pano

    Experimental Smart Shot #1 Pano 3DR Dev, Jason Short created an experimental Smart Shot called Pano. I've had a chance to test it and its nothing short of amazing. And the way he implemented it allows anyone to create a smart shot and utilize the controller to invoke it. Balk Hill Pano by...
  3. B

    smart shot altitude variance

    Today I was working with cable cam. I had solo about 8 ft off the ground for point A, and took it up to 187 ft for point B. I did a couple tests with it running autonomously, the seemed to be fine, a little off course but as to be expected in light wind and GPS Acuracy and what not. Once I...