smart shot

  1. B

    Only Cable Cam and Orbit show up for me

    I just got my solo the other week and ive noticed that the only smart shots available are the cable cam and orbit. I've updated the app and controller and solo to current versions and still wont show up. Im using my iphone 6s to control my solo and i have data dn location services and GPS turned on
  2. Ed Beck

    Saving Smart Shots to External Anything

    I've asked 3DR if there is any supported way to save smart shots, they say no. Now I'm coming here to see if anyone has an unsupported way. I just got back from a construction site where I set up a number of smart shots. I'm going back every other week to shoot the same video to show...
  3. Ed Beck

    Smart Shot Octo

    Here's a question for the cinematographers in the group. Is an octocopter with the lifting ability for a real camera and built-in smart shots something that you'd be interested in? What I don't know is if such a device would be of huge interest to cinematographers or if they'd say - nah, I...
  4. ApClarke

    CABLE CAM freezing app issue

    Hi. I have an issue with Cable Cam smart shot freezing my device. It wont fly the cable or exit out of it either. Has anybody else had this happen to them? Cheers
  5. Robert Rose

    Real Estate Video

    GoPro Hero4Black, 2.7k @ 60fps, medium FOV Smart Shot orbit, cable cam.