1. RichWest

    Gimbal Shaft Screws

    FYI - Seems many of you are starting to tear into the 3DR Solo Gimbals to attempt a repair. Recently someone asked what the various screw dimensions were for the shaft adapter. Depicted is the Yaw motor shaft adapter and I will assume all the other adapters (roll and pitch) utilize same...
  2. A

    Lost screw end for device holder on controller

    missing part: Image 2016-09-10 at 6.20.02 PM.jpg contacted support, unfortunately they do not offer this as a part, only the entire device holder (20$?). 1) Think I could find an alternative part to replace the missing? 2) I thought I read somewhere there is sturdier replacement holder...
  3. C

    Stripped Gimbal Screws?

    I received my Solo and Gimbal last week and finally had a moment to unbox and install the gimbal. Removing the static GoPro mount, I found 2 / 3 screws were incredibly difficult to remove. I was afraid of breaking off the threaded insert from the body. 45 mins later, I was able to work the...