1. M

    Replaced wireless cards, Can't connect to any satellites

    I recently upgraded my wireless cards in my Solo and controller. I followed the instructions of a few tutorials I found online and used this wireless card: MikroTik 802.11b/g/n 2GHz 800mW MiniPCI-Express Wireless Card After putting everything back together, I started up the Solo but it wasn't...
  2. L

    mRobotics GPS receiver installed

    Hi everyone! I installed the mRobotics GPS receiver module board today. Got everything put back together fired it up and quickly got 19 satellites LOL. Is that about par for the course? I don't know if that's gonna make a lot of difference but at least I have a lot of off the planet birds...
  3. TheEyeOfHorus

    Amazing results yielded from the GPS mod!! Wifi mod anyone?

    I wound up tearing her down and wedging a piece of corrugated cardboard between the chip and that copper UFO paper. I didn't pick up many more satellites than usual but on 6 sats I flew out 1200ft.... Previous record was 650ft (distance). I didn't even run it out all the way, wound up hitting...
  4. Maddog

    No satellite maps after update