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    RTK? why not?

    What about this GPS upgrade? GPS RTK SOLO 3DR (NEO-M8P) Not sure how this will work, but me personally already have a base station (emlid reach) and would like to know more about this gps offering.....anybody knows a little more about this?
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    Emlid Reach RTK GPS

    For those doing mapping, this looks very interesting. I follow Dennis on Youtube and he posted this a few days ago: Will be interesting to watch how it progresses. Emlid Reach website: Reach – Emlid
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    Complicated stitching or "video matching"

    So I'm using a saved smart shot to record the same area over and over again. It's to document the growth stages of some potatoes. It starts low to the ground and goes laterally and sweeps up and out. I'm going to be doing quite a bit of these shots about once a week until the middle of September...
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    I plan to build a pixhawk RTK-based Control for my tractor. I plan to use a lattepanda windows board both for rover and base. Have anyone done a rover with rtklib ? I am not sure how to connect RTKROVER to Pixhawk. Please give me some info.
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    Swift Nav Piksi and EMLID Reach RTK and 3DR Solo

    Hey all, I have been reading up on Solo's accessory bay, and Swift Nav's Piksi. From what I read here, it sounds like the accessory bay JAE SJ038252 connector can interface over CAN (UAVCAN) and USB. solodevguide/hardware-accessorybay.md at master · 3drobotics/solodevguide · GitHub From...