1. Franklin Marquette

    My 3DR Experience

    About a month ago I purchased a 3DR SOLO from Best Buy. I was extremely excited to begin creating videos and such with pro level looks. In the beginning the drone had numerous issues but this is to be expected. Every new product has issues and as I went along I fixed most of them. In the end the...
  2. M

    DJI Inspire

    Thinking of purchasing a DJI Inspire. They seem like great machines. Is the V2 worth the extra cost? DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Review -
  3. L

    3dr Solo Review video

    Did a small review on 3dr solo for newbies !! I show all features except follow me mode which was acting up ENJOY, Austin
  4. T

    Updated Solo Review - Is it Fixed?

    Most of the Solo reviews out there are all from the launch or focus on the Gimbal (or lack of) so I reviewed the Solo from the perspective of now being out for a while and had a few fixes and patches. See below for what I found and whether you should press go if you have been sitting on the fence.