1. S

    Motors!!! Shred Solo Shred, time to upgrade...

    I've been searching and reading and reading and searching, and I just want to know what the best option for a motor upgrade is. I have found 2 suitable upgrades that are genuinely affordable and I thought that now would be a good time to give love to an old bird. T-Motor MT2212-13 Professional...
  2. june03dr

    Drone rescue

    Check out this video Someone posted on YouTube last week of a solo helping out another drone. Pretty cool.
  3. Maddog

    River flooding

    Recent heavy rains have led to flooding along the Salt River bottom in south Phoenix. I went out to one location where several motorists had to be rescued from their cars the night before, and shot some video. At the end of the video you will see a white pickup stop next to me. Across the...