remote controller

  1. ukehop

    Stand alone controller for simulator, no solo quad - possible?

    I purchased a 3DR Solo remote control ahead of purchasing the Solo quadcopter so that I could begin practice w/ the Solo simulator before real solo flights. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a spare controller anyways. I don't have the Solo quadcopter yet. My problem is that the controller...
  2. satanas56

    solex app :how to choose the mode flight (mode1 mode2 etc) of the remote controller?

    hello i'm very happy with the new solex app (thank you very much for the developpers!) before i'used the original solo app : i could choose the mode flight of the remote controller : (only for the android) you could selected the mode 1 ou the mode 2 (i'm flying in mode 1) so in solex app...