1. Y

    Camera Paddle/Trigger/Ch7

    This may be an easy one- trying to get the camera paddle to trigger a 'camera' (as in this thread) but I'm missing something. In Mission Planner CH7 can be set as camera trigger, but CH6 isn't an option in the full parameter list. Can the paddle be re-assigned to anything other than CH6? Or...
  2. Ø

    Need some help with Dronedeploy workflow and NDVI interpretation

    I've got a Mapir Survey2 NDVI-camera on one of my Solos, and after some initial testing this summer I spent a few weeks exploring 3D-mapping and general photo flights. My cousin has a wheat farm though, and he's fairly interested in new technology. So I paid him a visit on Sunday to see what we...
  3. franknitty69

    3DR Solo and Sony QX1 used in Landfill Surveys Case Study

    On February 20, 2016 McKim & Creed and Garrett & Moore conducted a pilot study at Buffaloe Landfill, a land clearing and inert debris (LCID) landfill south of Raleigh, North Carolina, to explore the efficacy of employing unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology (a.k.a., drones) for landfill...