1. jimloss

    Master Airscrew Props with Built-In Nuts

    Master Airscrew Props with Built-In Nuts Just Announced: 3DR Solo Propellers – Master Airscrew
  2. G

    Keep losing controller connection

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the blog. I am the owner of a 3dr solo since 2 months already and was happy until this problem happened: I was flying around 80m (260 ft) high when the solo lost the connection. It started to come back to the starting point, as always, but when "landed", the...
  3. E

    Solo Propellers - 3d Print File?

    Howdy, just crashed and broke all 4 of my propellers (mapping mission into rising terrain!!). Gonna take a while to get new props in the mail. Just wondering if anyone has successfully printed a prop? I have a good 3d printer and some strong filament (PETG) and wouldn't mind giving a printed...
  4. Roger Caplan

    non-self-tightening props?

    What are the options for using non-self-tightening props on the stock motors? Can the self-tightening adapters be removed/replaced on the stock motors?
  5. Yolan

    URGENT: Need propellors for Solo in Vietnam.

    Hi All, Hopefully there is somebody who has some (spare) propellors laying around that I can buy while i'm in Vietnam. Or maybe somebody knows a reseller where I can get em? Would be great! Cheers, Yolan Post Travelblogger NotGoingHome
  6. D


    I took my solo out yesterday for it's first flight and now I can't get the propellers off. Anyone else have this issue? I put them on and off a number of times before actually flying it.
  7. B


    Hello. New solo pilot here. Good to bump in this forum, a lot of information & ideas. Hope to gain some & share some. Got a first Q. Please direct me to thread if this was ask before or been discussed. Is there any third party vendor for a carbon fiber prop? Thanks!