1. M

    Problems with gimbal.

    Hi, I am quite new here, so please, don't judge me. Ok, my problems with a drone. Everything work perfect, exept: 1: I installed gimbal, when I tried to shake drone in hand it was working fine. But when I made first flight, gimbal stopped working. Camera falls on one side and doesn't want to...
  2. Mattdaddy71

    Greetings from Central Florida

    Greetings everyone, can't wait to meet you. Check out my website for some of my works: Home - Matthew Wagner I have a few questions I'm hoping to find answers to within this forum. First and foremost, I've just never had any luck getting my GoPro 4 Black to work with the 3DR Solo. The Solo is...
  3. Engine24blue

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Issues

    Good day. I am asking if anyone else has had this experience. Two weeks ago I upgraded my phone. I had a Samsung S4 Active. It worked great with Solo. No problems. Now that I have a S7 Edge I have nothing but problems. The video feed is very, very, very, very slow or lagging at all. It is so far...