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  1. P

    Island Hopping in the Philippines featuring Sandmarc Aerial ND filters

    First time using Sandmarc aerial ND filters on the Gopro and they are definitely a must for your arsenal. Definitely helped out in my shots not being overexposed which in turn allowed for better color and more details being captured. Best part is they are a lot more affordable than some other...
  2. tracer

    GoPro 4 black and bitrate question for those that use Premiere

    I normally shoot in 1080p for customers and myself, since it all ends up on the web. But I had to fly a job on Friday that needed to be in 4k. The video came out great. I am running most of the footage through Photoshop Elements to remove lens distortion and run shake reduction. When I do the...
  3. SteveReno

    Split Screen of 4K Raw & Edited