1. Travelfox

    Take Me Away: THE TALL SHIPS REGATTA in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

    Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm in Lunenburg - a town in the South Shore of NS, where a collection of the world's largest sailing ships are docked for this year's Tall Ships Regatta. Significantly featured in the video is the beautiful wooden Victorian building- the Lunenburg Academy of...
  2. J

    Modding Solo’s UDP broadcast port

    I tried to change the number 14550 to 15550 of SOLO UDP port. So i accessed the solo by SSH . and then modified a telemDestPort in sololink.conf by nano. therefore It is changed. But Not changed after reboot . why? help me plz.
  3. B

    Polar LED lights not working

    I bought a pair of the Polar Pro LED lights for Solo and plugged them in to the only port the Solo has and they did not work. I bought my Solo in December and have flown it maybe 6 times and not for very long. Too cold in NJ to enjoy flying right now. I sent the lights back thinking they were...