phantom 4

  1. B

    Making Solo my Workhorse

    I've lurked in this forum for a year now, and greatly value the experience and continued patient input of the seniors, as well as the innocent questions and mistakes from the newbies. I feel the pain of the flames, but they appear to be mostly deserved. Here is my context: 1. I rented a Cessna...
  2. D

    Solo, Sitescan, and viability as an enterprise sUAS

    Background: I am a land surveyor, and I am implementing a sUAS and photogrammetry program with the goal of providing a sUAS for each crew as another tool in their toolbox. We are 100% Autodesk (ACAD) Civil 3D, so 3dr's Sitescan seemed like the perfect fit. We were about to pull the trigger...
  3. JimL

    JimLovrek from Anywhere, USA

    Actually, I have called Wisconsin my home, for 61 years, but for the last 20, I have been driving an 18 wheeler all over these 48 states (I, also spent a few hours in AK and HI, when in the Marines, so I belong to the 50 state club) I took up photography, a few years back, so I could share my...