Dec 28, 2016
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Actually, I have called Wisconsin my home, for 61 years, but for the last 20, I have been driving an 18 wheeler all over these 48 states (I, also spent a few hours in AK and HI, when in the Marines, so I belong to the 50 state club)

I took up photography, a few years back, so I could share my experiences with friends and family, during the 4 days a month that I get to be home.

I have been interested in R/C, as long as I can remember, but didn't pursue it until electric started taking over gas and an acquaintance of mine, showed me a quad he had built.

So, I started with the toys, went on to a Cheerson CX20, then a Phantom 4. I had wanted a Solo, but the price was too high. Unfortunately, they are not making them anymore, but I couldn't pass up the $299 deal with extra battery, gimbal, and props. Now, they have the backpack and battery at half price (gimbal too), so I ordered them and 8 extra props.

The P4 has a permanent camera. I am planning to use the Solo for other cameras, like the Samsung gear 360, a pair of stereo cameras, with goggles, for fpv, and the Hero 4 Black, I just ordered.

So far, I have only flown the P4 about half a dozen times, and the Solo, just once. I'm pretty impressed with both. The adventure has just begun.

p.s. I am also getting into fixed wing R/C, although it is a bit harder to carry in the cab of my truck

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