1. Wooskie

    North Carolina Mountains

  2. L

    PeauPro60 and PeauPro72 experiences?

    Hi all, Just picked up the Solo last week at the BestBuy deal and am looking to upgrade my Hero 4 Silver. I'm a long time photographer who is new to drones and I like the idea of a 30mm or 24mm lens. Has anybody purchased these? I only see the 22mm lens mentioned on here. The 30mm lens has a...
  3. Clint Miller

    GoPro firmware version?

    I have a newly minted GoPro 4 blessed with a Peau Systems 5.4mm lens. It has firmware version HD4. on it now. Is the upgrade to the latest GoPro firmware safe, should I stay at the current version, or is there a preferred version I should feed the new camera. Thanks!
  4. Soul Patch Films

    Peau 5.4mm f/2.5 60d HFOV 10MP (No Distortion)

  5. B

    Peau Customer Service - How it's Done!

    Just want to share my recent experience with Peau Productions and their customer service. Last week I sent my GoPro Hero4 Black to Peau Productions to have the lens replaced with their 3.97mm 16MP lens. The camera was to arrive at Peau on Tuesday. I was out of the country and when I returned...