1. M

    Solo with working gimbal for sale.
  2. R

    Looking for Help/advice new enthusiast

    Durring a clearing of an office space with items doomed for the dump my son came across a 3dr solo that had been crashed and never flown again. After some quick tinkering the unit powered and shut down. It seems that it never made it past start up due to a fault. After removing motors...
  3. Todd Prince


    Email me for all your 3dr parts needs .x8 Iris y6.. LEDs to kits.. bought the whole lot from 3dr!! [email protected]
  4. S

    SOLD! *Solo Bundle w/extras*

    Full solo setup with upgraded mRo GPS, many extra props (Airscrew), 5 batteries, 2 chargers, backpack, extra controller battery and more. The extras: 2nd Solo Body. She swam in the ocean so only the plastic body is any good. 2nd Controller. NIB 2 extra motors, extra gimbal (Don't remember how...
  5. MrDuino

    AU Solo spare parts available

    I have a collection of new Solo bits and pieces for anyone that’s interested. These are taken from brand new, complete kits that have been very carefully stripped down. Motors and batteries are all spoken for, but I still have pretty much everything else available.
  6. K

    3DR Solo Spare parts Kits

    Hello, For those how need spare parts for their Solo, i got a lot of 3DR original & brand new spare parts. They are sold as spare kits. Each kit include all the following parts : - 4* landing leg + grey grommets - 4* motors - including plastic pods & bare ESC PCB (without electronic components)...
  7. NastyN8

    3DR releasing new items?

    So while doing my routine search of the web today I came across some interesting thing on amazon. It would appear while we are lost to 3DR robotics we are not fully forgotten. Below is a link for just a few things i found on amazon. Let me know if this helps anyone...
  8. S

    Secondhand solo purchase with issue

    Hi I have a chance to purchase a 3dr solo second hand for under 100 but the current owner is informing me the controller and drone don't pair after a small crash , drone is not cracked or damaged body wise looks fine . I need your help can this be something really easy to repair and worth the...
  9. tickingheart

    wtb, looking for, looking to buy

    Looking to buy a gimbal, backpack, go pro hero 3 or 4, props, batteries, chargers. (May also be looking for solo drone, possible wifi) Thanks for any help, ideas, or leads :)
  10. F

    Free Solo for Parts-Buyer Ships from 22153

    This is for real-time to get rid of the equipment. PLEASE READ:BUYER SHIPS FROM ZIP 22153. Assume a 30lb box 10x18x18". Aircraft was crashed. Cracked body shell, one burned motor pod. Chargers, spare props, controller, 2 batteries included. It all goes as a set. This is free equipment given...
  11. F

    Complete Solo, 2 Batteries for Parts-$100

    Aircraft was crashed. Cracked body shell, one burned motor pod. Chargers, spare props, 2 batteries included. It all goes as a set. Shipping paid by the buyer from 22153.
  12. C

    Solo parts help please.

    I am new to drones and just got a solo. I put the gopro in and crashed and am real sad about this. It was only maybe a5-10 foot and for the most part the drone looks in good shape. I would like to repair it amd am looking for parts and checked the 3dr site but was unable to find what I think I...
  13. T

    New Y6 owner

    Howdy. Got a used Y6 from a friend of a friend. Two newbie questions: * How come there is not a Y6 forum the way there is for the X8? * Can someone please tell me the best place to find Y6 parts? A 3DR page lists various kits (DIY & Parts – 3DR Support) but offers no way to order them. Thanks!
  14. C

    Wanted: Battery Tray with/or just Battery Release button

    Hey folks, I RTL-ed into a tree at 100 feet at night and the only damage is that when the battery ejected upon impact, I couldn't find the little plastic button which is used to latch the battery into the body and then release it. If anyone has a trashed body or such I could use the button or...
  15. quick_dry

    Solo mainboard gimbal data cable

    Does anyone know the part # for the single row 8 pin mustard/gold coloured connector on the Solo mainboard for the gimbal data cable? 3DR list the Molex 503149-0800 for the gimbal board, but photos seem to show the early Solo's data cable was directly soldered (I assume that's why the change...
  16. A

    Need a good Iris Plus parts distributor

    I've had my Iris Plus just over a year now and of course a few weeks ago, had the worst crash I've had to date. It got caught in a tree and then fell out and destroyed the gimbal, snapped one of the arms and two of the props were sheared in half. I thought to myself, "No problem, this is only a...
  17. A

    Drone Chest, A peer 2 peer marketplace to sell used drones

    Hey All, I am also a drone owner, and in the past have experienced issues selling drone products on Craigslist and Ebay. I've created a website that is safe and simple, and is dedicated to a peer to peer drone marketplace where anyone can buy or sell drones or related UAS gear. This site was...
  18. A

    Crashed Solo for parts

    Hi all, Recently had an issue with Solo that I don't fully understand and kinda destroyed the poor thing. Support wasn't any help so I am selling--either the whole thing or just parts of it. The battery is broken but I am willing to sell it if you want it for some reason. In the crash, the...
  19. N

    Shipping time for warranty parts from 3DR

    Hi All, Would like to ask, how long usually it takes 3DR to ship parts in case of warranty accident. Had a crash, 3DR wrote they will ship my warranty replacement motors on 21 Jan 2016 and "You will receive an email confirmation along with tracking number once the order ships to you.", but...
  20. Mauiwind

    HDMI "D" cable

    You guys know the infamous HDMI cable that goes from the mainboard to the gimbal? Where can I buy one? Yes, I mean the standard 11 incher. I need to get a supplier in the US that uses USPS for shipping. I'm here in Hawaii. I'll tell you more when i get it and figure out if the problem is my...