1. IrishmanPDX

    Is it my android device that causes issues?

    OK, I should rephrase, is it my two android devices that cause issues? Here's the problem (and fix for me at least). I have a samsung galaxy S5 and a cheap Chinese android tablet (that's barely fast enough to use with the drone...
  2. T

    Can't pair and unknown beep sounds

    Hi, My Solo crashed by child and something wrong with that. Check these pics and videos 3dr Solo repair - Google Drive I tried factory reset many times and every time it seems to reset correctly. But once controller reboots, solo and controller is not paired. (Pics) Also beep sounds here...
  3. Soupdaddy

    Preflight update solution

    after having great difficulty getting past preflight update screen and performing factory reset this is procedure that got me in the air, 1- Power off the units and close the Solo app 2- Perform a factory reset to the Solo and controller, make sure the orange light underneath the Solo blinks...