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  2. IrishmanPDX

    GPS Upgrade, Newbie point of view

    As the newbie to the drone world and new owner of a 3DR solo in Portland OR (see, did the newbie introduction at the same time, that's multi-tasking that is!) and I thought I’d give my feedback on upgrading the GPS (just in case it helps with anyone’s decisions). Got my solo from B&H and was...
  3. Clint Miller

    Recommended controller device

    Hi there - I'm about to pull the trigger on the purchase of a solo and am in the position of also needing to select a device to run the solo app. I've read that there's some question as to whether the android version will continue to be developed and that there are functional differences...
  4. A

    Hi from the UK

    Just joined the Forum as most of the info I dig up on the interweb relating the Solo, gimbal and GoPro tends to be from the US where they seem to have some killer Solo upgrades and mods. Are there many other UK peeps here? I'd be really appreciative if any UK peeps can point me in the direction...
  5. R

    How to know which hardware version I have (Version2 VersionB)

    Just picked up a 3DR Solo Director Kit (Gimbal, 2 batteries,10props) at Frys yesterday. I read that there is an upgraded version of hardware called Version2 or VersionB. I am not a DIY-er, drone newbie, just a filmmaker needing a simple to use drone (so i can worry about actors, story etc :)...
  6. I

    New to drones Any advice?

    So, I just last night purchased my first Drone. The 3DR Solo, and I will be using a gopro hero 4 Silver with it. I havent even unboxed anything yet, as tomorrow is my day I can spend learning and playing with it. Does anyone have any advice for me, including good safe spots to fly? I live in...
  7. DroneNerd702

    Newbee Dumb Questions

    Even after reading the user manual, one pass only, I haven't been able to suppress my inner Arnold Horshack from impulsively raising an arm in this forum, say "Uu! Uu! Uu!", and ask the following dumb questions...where da heck is the "Search" feature? Too excited to ask dumb questions to look...