new zealand

  1. joey2421

    Paekakariki - Wellington NZ

    Hi all, Here's my first crack at dronography. Slowly getting the hang of things. Helps I'm a slight whizz at PremPro. Shot with a standard Solo, Hero4 silver with stock lens, 1080@60fps. You can see my trim bars in the video. That's due to the misbalance of my gimbal so had to correct in post...
  2. franknitty69

    Solo in New Zealand

    Shot on Solo in New Zealand. Video uses a combination of GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Black with Peau 3.97 lens modification. For more info please visit Solo Smart Drone | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology I'm not sure who was the pilot on these shots.
  3. Jason Murray

    Solo in Auckland New Zealand

    I've been in Auckland for a couple weeks now studying, and just got a chance to fly my drone. It's been tough to try to get outside the airport "no fly zones" because I don't have a vehicle, but I finally did so the other day and put this video together. The aerials are nothing compared to the...