motor replacement

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    Solo is turning off Automatically after one motor gives "pop" sound

    Guys, I bought a brand new Solo from B&H. Yesterday I opened that and updated the system as instructed and then started it. First I hold the Fly button and motors started and then I hold Fly button again to fly. (Did this first time without props on, i wanted to test it). When I press and hold...
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    Propeller adapters for Y-6B 2836-9 motors

    Hello, I have a 3DR Y-6B kit build that crashed recently. Four prop adapters were damaged and i can't seem to find suitable replacements online. The motors and adapters have 3 screws (1 or 1.5 mm). It appears that 3DR changed motors and adapters to 4 screw configuration in the more recent...
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    Solo replacement parts questions from a new owner.

    Hey everyone! I've been reading over the forum for a couple weeks now learning all I can and have really picked up some valuable information! Just picked up my first solo about a week ago from Best Buy with they're current deal, I was in love from the first flight! I also have a TTROBOTIX...