motor pod

  1. A

    3DR Solo Motor Pod Specifications

    Hi there -- I am trying to characterize the 3DR Solo Motor's for modeling and simulation purposes. I have been unable to find anywhere the technical specifications of the motor. Does anyone know if this exists? If not, has anyone done any testing to determine the following variables: -...
  2. R

    3dr solo motor pod 01 not spinning

    hi guys need some help on my solo, couple of flight times but this time no errors on beeps and leds but pod 01 won't spin. Everything checked out got all green lights and beeps like it was on stand by but when controller shows ready to fly pod 01 won't spin. Thank you in advance
  3. 3

    Can someone help me? Stuck motor pod caused crash

    Hello, I flew my drone today for about 15 minutes before packing it back up and then 3 hours later I go out again and this time gps lock right away. Everything is good to go pre trip inspection complete. I take off and then I notice one of my back led lights were solid green and the other one...
  4. TwoTired

    Rough motor pod on new Solo

    Hey everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. I purchased an additional Solo kit, did a quick inspection, and discovered one of the motor pods is significantly rougher/bumpier than the others. (The 3 others all have very similar resistance when turned). Also, on my other...
  5. 13nikos62

    Cheaper 3DR Motor Pods for Aussies on eBay = AUD$79.95

    Another good buy for Aussies looking to purchase 3DR motor pods. In Australia they retail for AUD$129.00 each. I found a Aussie supplier on eBay selling at AUD$79.95 a piece. At that price I could not resist and bought 4 motor pods, 2 CW and 2 CCW. Postage was AUD$40.00 and I received the...
  6. T

    One motor not spinning

    Hi, I'm having a strange issue and I cant seem to find much documentation on this. The solo boots up fine and everything connects however wher i go to start the motors all but one begin spinning. I tried testing my fate and flying and it just flipped over. My question is, if the solo fully...
  7. A

    Solo parts still available

    These are still for sale, Please DM me if you want to buy! 1x controller -- SD epoxied into place and like new [$150] 2x black motor pods -- like new [$35 each] 1x grey motor pods -- like new [$35 each] 1x solo body and board -- problems as above and the shell is cracked in two places but I...
  8. Jammey Dodger

    Tracking cumulative flight time?

    Apologies in advanced if this is a repeat question, but is there any way of knowing how many hours the motor pods have completed through the solo app or other settings? Just concerned over motor pod failure throughout time. Thanks in advanced J
  9. J

    Strange whistle from motor during flight.

    Hi guys, Yesterday i had a strange wistle during my flight, i try to record it. I'dont know if it cause by wind on drone feet or if one of my pod crying. Did you hear something strange on this movies ? It's a kind of metallic clink. You can hear it better at 0,25s. When i try to test my...
  10. N

    Shipping time for warranty parts from 3DR

    Hi All, Would like to ask, how long usually it takes 3DR to ship parts in case of warranty accident. Had a crash, 3DR wrote they will ship my warranty replacement motors on 21 Jan 2016 and "You will receive an email confirmation along with tracking number once the order ships to you.", but...
  11. RichWest

    Motor - Balance Data

    I believe I have a motor that is out of balance by a large margin. However after recording with my phone's accelerometer and a vibration app I'm not sure how to analyze the information correctly. The motor testing was done one at a time through Mission Planner. The phone was placed on the...
  12. A

    Motor Pods in Stock?

    Hi all, this is my first post but I have been following you guys for a while. Today I Crashed my Solo :( Anyone know where they have the motor pods in stock? Thanks.