motor bearings

  1. K

    New Bearings average 13 dB quieter

    Solos have noisy motors. This noise is reduced by replacing the original bearings in the motors. To document the improvement the sound from each motor was recorded before and after replacing the bearings. The recording was done by placing a quality microphone within 1/4" of the motor (no...
  2. K

    Solo Motor Pod disassembly and Bearing replacement

    A few postings about bearing replacement left me with the impression that it can be done. I pulled a motor pod - and I don't see how the motor can be removed without pretty drastic surgery to the plastic housing (which begs the question about putting it back together). Does someone have some...
  3. 13nikos62

    Question about replacing Motor Pod Bearings with Sealed Bearings

    I asked this question in another thread and did not get an answer so I thought I'd try here in a new thread. I recently bought sealed Boca bearings and was wondering whether or not a light lubricant should be used around the top of the motor shaft where the washer and circ-clip sit. If they...