TO ALL YOU LEADS - whether you're FEMALE or MALE

    I have the connection you want in making friends whether you support ardupilot or the fancies that stand together and crap on ideas of others here's a connection for you all 3DR Battery Connector Sale! if you prefer to throw your money away... 3DR Solo Electrical Interface Molex Connectors...
  2. franknitty69

    3DR Solo Accessory Breakout Board by ProfiCNC

    I have a batch of 3DR Solo Accessory Breakout Boards coming in from OSH Park. Includes Click Mate connectors for CANBus and Serial, Zener Diode, JAE connector for accessory port and micro usb for iMX OTG USB. Optionally i can include single row (15-pin) headers for the two rows of broken out...
  3. E

    Molex connectors

    Hey guys, does anyone know how to get molex connectors used on the batteries and chargers of the Solo?? Distributor of Molex connectors doesn't even have it in stock. Any ideas? Has anyone taken it apart and taken photo of it? I'm thinking of induction charging the Solo with this. Hope to hear...