1. Coach K

    If you could only perform (1) Mod to your 3DR Solo?

    Hello, my first post here and I am still waiting for my 3DR Solo to arrive. I have viewed 100s of videos and read countless opinions and there doesn't seem to be a common consensus of which Mod would be the first if not the only one. So I am asking the community of Pilots who I consider far more...
  2. jimloss

    Upgrades and Mods to Consider

    Here's a list of some things to consider for your Solo. This list will provide some information to consider, but you'll need to search documentation, this forum or on-line for more details about each. When to upgrade or modify really depends on your specific use of the Solo, preference...
  3. Trader J

    For sale: 1 new mRo GPS unit and 2 of the Mikro Tik Wi-Fi cards also new.

    Up for grabs I have a new mRo ublox neo m8n GPS unit as well as a pair of Mikro Tik R11e-2hnd Wi-Fi cards. Full price on the lot is typically $180 and this doesn't include shipping. I'm passing on the savings to a fellow Solo pilot and asking only $150 for the lot shipped!! I managed to get a...
  4. A

    Solo Mod: RFD900X and NightRaptor interface HELP

    I need everyone's help to get a Solo donor all wired up and flying with the RF Design RFD-900x and NightRaptor. Haven't been able to find any info on how to set up and debug. Anyone try this yet? Am I missing the Thread? Please help. Thanks. NightRaptor (SOLO-RFD900x) Interface
  5. FlyProKei

    Calling all Solex Users

    I have the M8n Mro GPS , Alpha Antennas and thats about it as far as mods .... im not an expert at all with the drone , is solex an app for beginners ? what are Key reasons to download? if you have instragram follow me @FlyProKei and i will follow back. thanks
  6. E

    3DR Solo Brain Transplant...

    Hi guys. Thanks for reading. I crashed my first Solo and it has been replaced, and now I have an idea: I want to transplant my Solo mainboard into a much larger drone. I have a bird that is based on a modified Tarot 650 frame with huge motors/props and a large gimbal that is way less...
  7. Captain Zepher

    Solo weight reduction

    Soooo. I saw on amazon that solo replacement shells are under $100 and the shipping weight is 2 pounds and it got me thinking about how much weight is in the shell and legs. I looked up the specs and did a little math. WARNINGS////////////////////////////////////////// INCREADIBLY QUICK...
  8. RolandS888

    Wanted: Donor Solo battery for public autopsy, mods, experimentation

    Im wondering if there are any dead or dying Solo batteries out there, or at least underperforming ones that could be put to good use for the benefit of us all on this forum. I want to hack a battery and see what can be done to improve it and post the results. Even something as simple as (non...