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    Can't change map provider in Tower to Mapbox

    Hi, I can't change the map provider in Tower. It only gives me google map option. See attached picture: . The same happens in the two devices I use: 1.- Cellphone Samsung Galaxy J5, Android 5.1.1, Tower v3.2.1 2.- Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Android 5.0.2, Tower v3.2.1 I want to use Mapbox...
  2. C

    UM... where did the MAPBOX map go?

    if you try to access the map on MAPBOX it brings you to the FAA WEBSITE !!!!! try it.. it takes you to the B4UFLY stuff.... B4UFLY Smartphone App and I LIKED THAT THING!
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    No cached satellite Mapbox maps

    I have tried repeatedly to download the mapbox maps so I will have an area of maps offline. The even though I download with satellite maps showing the map displays only in road mode. I have done this on 3 different Android devices 2 on 6.0.1 and one on 4.4.4. On the Solo app I do not see any...