1. U

    3DR tethered flight

    Hi all, first post. I'm running a uni project where I need to prototype using a tethered solo. I managed to get the drone to boot using a power supply, but it refused to fly, and the controller software seemed to become a little glitchy in the process. Any idea what sort of hardware setup i...
  2. D

    Done Leveling/Centering Changing Over Time

    So I just recently got a C250 V2 Racing Drone and decided to get it set up with clean flight. I did everything the manufacture recommended for setup, however, I still have a major problem. The drone seems to lose its self-level over time. I'm not in manual or horizon mode because I have those...
  3. W8NONU

    Please read the User's Manual

    I'm a Noob myself but noticed this answer comes up in almost every thread.There's a link in the FAQs but I suggest this become it's own sticky, too... 3DR Solo User Manual
  4. S

    Beginner Manual Mode

    Alright, I feel pretty confident flying in the smart modes. Now I want to practice in wide open spaces the baby steps to flying manual. So, I certainly don't want the FULL manual mode. I just want the setting where I can take off in manual, not wait on gps, have it keep the altitude but I do...