1. J

    Solo Fell Out of the Sky!

    I had about 20 flights on my Solo, and I love it. I had the GoPro 4 Black and the Gimbal. Beautiful and smooth video! I had tested several times the Solo getting out of range, and it auto-returned perfectly every time. The other day I was testing my new Alfa antenna, and doing a distance...
  2. Travelfox

    The worst has happened - battery died mid-air, Solo plummeted into the ocean

    ....And I'm deeply gutted. This has never happened to me before, to have a battery die while in flight. It was fully charged and at that time was still over 50%. Like most of you I've had my share of accidental and human error crashes, missing drone, and even missing and non-working parts...
  3. G

    Keep losing controller connection

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the blog. I am the owner of a 3dr solo since 2 months already and was happy until this problem happened: I was flying around 80m (260 ft) high when the solo lost the connection. It started to come back to the starting point, as always, but when "landed", the...
  4. B

    3rd Solo Crash

    Well, I've done it again. Somehow I've crashed my Solo for a 3rd time but this time I have come away with no drone. Some may say I should be more careful but in all reality, they were complete accidents, one not being my fault in any way. The first time, the Solo lost signal, feel into a lake...
  5. B


    After "losing" my drone a couple days ago...this miracle happened. I lost the battery and GoPro but hey, I'll take it! Amazing things do happen.
  6. B

    Had a crash tonight...and the Solo is lost

    Well tonight I took my Solo out for a nice flight to capture a great looking sunset. I was flying around this old trestle train bridge(it crosses a river) which looked great with the sun shining through. About mid flight I decided to fly through the bridge a little bit. Shortly after this the...
  7. R

    another Idea for Solo App

    I don't know if anyone else has posted This Idea or not. I would like to see an option button on the app that would give the last known location and distance to the solo. a direction arrow on the screen would be nice if lost in trees or overgrown fields. Rick