lost drone

  1. S

    Lost & Found for drones

    Hi all, Hearing about people losing control over their drone (from whatever reason) is no fun. I've been working on a project regarding lost drones that's getting a nice traction. Only posted it in a few FB groups and wanted to share it with you guys as well. It's a super simple, yet powerful...
  2. Travelfox

    The worst has happened - battery died mid-air, Solo plummeted into the ocean

    ....And I'm deeply gutted. This has never happened to me before, to have a battery die while in flight. It was fully charged and at that time was still over 50%. Like most of you I've had my share of accidental and human error crashes, missing drone, and even missing and non-working parts...
  3. J

    lost drone - dowloaded tlog files - cant read them

    Hi All - New member and new flyer here! Had my solo for about 2 months now. I was flying yesterday in rural farmland Ohio, take off was fine and bird was working great. I flew about 2500 feet out and the bird lost signal. I was waiting for the bird to reconnect for about 2-3 minutes - but it...